Summer Opportunities for Our Students!

Here we have some summer opportunities for our students that they can all partake in.

Some of these opportunities have impending deadlines that may be coming at the end of this month or the next.

On Tuesday February 7th I will be assisting students in signing up for the RPI SHPE Outreach Weekend. If you are interested in applying for your child here is the link: SHPE RIP Outreach Weekend

On Wednesday students will be able to register with me for the different ALL Star Code Summer Opportunities.

All Star Code (Male Students): All Star Code

Girls Who Code (Female Students): Girls Who Code

On Thursday students will be receiving some information from myself regarding some Summer Opportunities at Colleges (There is a tuition fee for some of these programs but Financial Aid/Assistance is available for them)

Hampshire College: Hampshire

Brown University: Brown University

Syracuse University: Syracuse

New York University: New York University

We also have other opportunities with hospitals where students can volunteer for the summer.

Mount Sinai:

New York Presbyterian:

Other Summer Opportunities:

American Museum of Natural History: Information Application

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