Computer Science Fair

The NYC computer science opportunity fair (CS Fair) was this Thursday. 50 students from IEC went. What an event! The goal of the event was to inspire students about STEM careers. They fair did a beautiful job. With companies and universities manning booths students we exposed to a number of STEM career options and opportunities. Students were given badges and were encouraged to speak to as many booths as possible. How? When a student visits a booth their number is written down. Those numbers are drawn for prizes. One of our very own 9th graders won an xbox. The day was a lot of fun and ended with students creating some digital art. When the IEC students returned Mr. Taylor and Ms. Cabrerra talked about next steps. They stressed the importance of thinking what booth stuck out and how to pursue some kind of summer internship. It was a wonderful educational that was a lot of fun and involved a lot of free stuff.

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