Dr. Walker's Third Visit

As part of the great partnership Inwood Early College has with Guttman Community College Dr. Walker (a math professor at Guttman Community College with an impressive resume in math education and policy) mentors the IEC math department. She not only visits the school and gives feedback but also meets with the IEC faculty at Guttman for planning purposes. So far she has had three official full day visits and has met with the IEC faculty three times at Guttman. She has done everything from looking at our course offerings to giving notes on unit projects. We are so lucky to have her as a resource.

Dr. Walker at morning huddle.

Dr. Walker in Mr. Swotinsky's class observing and giving notes. One of her many former hats was a professor for pre-service teachers in Michigan.

Dr. Walker talking to Mr. Pillischer's advisory about what colleges look for.

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