Pi Day

March 14 was Pi Day! IEC celebrated with a math competition in all math classes, a digits of PI contest, a door decorating contest and eating pi related treats.

Door Competition

16 Pi Day Student Volunteers ran door competition. They looked at design and content.

Pillischer and Grossman's Door

Aridnez Door

Swotinsky Door

The winner was...Ardinez. The detail. The display. It was a great door to celebrate PI Day.

Math Competition:

Our volunteers ran the show. The highest 9th grade and 10th grade scores got a special treat. All participants got pi coins to exchange for goodies at the end of the day at the pi store.

Liz Ann the head referee for Mr. Pillischer's room encouraging students and also checking their answers.

Quinn checking Eugene's 400 point question.

Stacie's team working hard

Our head volunteer Julie! She ran around and checked in all the rooms. She made sure the contests were running well and that people got their treats. She was a real treasure. Thank you Julie.

Swotinsky's room.

Ibrahiem doing a great job keeping score for the 8 plus teams.

IEC Pi Coins for the pi store. Prizes were notebooks, pencils, math kits, stamps and other academic things.

Digit of Pi

Students could win the largest gummy worm in the world. At the end of the school day students came to the pi store and had one shot to resight the most digits of pi from memory. It was a close competition with a pi off but Emily Herrera came on top. She recalled 34 digits of pi.


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