Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

We love our IEC parents! Friday was parent teacher conferences for the spring semester. Staff and students made it so that parents could meet their student's teachers and have a good discussion about what was happening in class. Turn out was good and those parents that didn't show will get a phone call so we could reschedule a meeting. Thank you families!

Mr. Pillischer and Ms. Grossman thankful for the students and their families.

Students waiting for parents

It takes a village. Admin, teacher, translator and parent.

Our student support team. Students helped out a lot during parent teacher conferences. Putting up signs, getting paperwork filled out, making sure parents checked in. Our students are really great here at IEC.

Ms. Vu checking the sign in sheet.

Dr. Tait meeting with Frankely as he strikes a pose for the camera.

Student council President Antonio!

9th grader and parent.



Teachers got a break between 3 to 4pm. They met with parents from 12-3 and 4-7 on Friday.

Geometry is a family affair.

Dr. Rahl waiting for parents.

9th grader and his dad.

10th grader and his mom

9th grader and family memeber

Our translators!

9th grader and mom

Algebra is a family affair

Setting up for PI day as parents come in.

Our student support team stoping for a picture.

Student support making sure parents get every form.

9th grader and her family.

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