Saturday School

Saturday school has been in session since November 2015 but on March 5,2016 IEC went from one official course to seven. Students who come in can expect up to a full day of programing from 9am to 2pm. Classes include: Regents Prep Living Environment, Regents Prep Algebra, Regents Prep Geometry, Regents Prep Global History, ESL, credit recovery Algebra. The maximum courses students can take are 3 and some students are only scheduled for what they need. They key to Saturday school is small class sizes.


Maxwell, Rachel and Adam disecting exponential questions for old regents on the now famous Swotinsky white board tables. Follow rachel as she gets her ah-ha moment.


The lovely Ms. Duran working with a small group. Parents please note that global regents is considered by some to be the hardest regents. Please encourage your student(s) to come to regents prep as as soon as possible.

Ms. Grant prepping. She runs the ESL program for saturday school. It is one of her many hats here at IEC.

Ms. Vu working on a saturday preping for the upcoming week.

Mr. Harris the Saturday School adminstrator. Dont let the picture fool you he spends most of his time running around. Between getting lunches and snacks for the students and making sure students know where they need to go he is pretty busy.

Group shot with our living environment regents prep teacher. Studnets have had living environemt rengents prep since November!


Karash showing students how to find a regression function AND round properly so we get full credit on those questions! Quin, if you are wondering, is the one rocking that puffy hat.

The faculty adivosr and student leader of outdoors club showing us that saturday shcool is about casual dress.

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