Our school community is the intellectual home for our students where each young person embodies our core values, develops the habits of mind, demonstrates college and career competencies, and masters critical academic content.

The core cultural values that ground instruction, school activities, and the relationships among all members of the school community at Inwood Early College are: Excellence, Integrity, Courage, and Commitment.

  • EXCELLENCE: being, doing, and having the best that one can in terms of achievement and personal growth endeavors. Each member of the school community is expected to use established standards to subsequently set his/her own bar for achievement and to exercise nimbleness in enacting effective effort toward continuous growth.


  • INTEGRITY: grounding one’s conduct in personal standards, and a sense of responsibility, accountability, as well as pride in oneself as a member of our community and a representative of one’s family. Each member of the community conducts himself/herself with a sense of appropriate time, place, and manner in exercising voice and choice.


  • COURAGE: finding the strength to act in the face of struggle. Each member of our community is encouraged to purposefully stretch himself/herself, to take on challenges, to compete in order to win and to grow, to acknowledge failures and to celebrate growth that results from overcoming.


  • COMMITMENT: demonstrating persistence in seeing tasks, challenges, and opportunities through to their most valuable conclusion. Each member of our community develops grit through decision-making, dedication to finishing what s/he starts, and taking accountability for outcomes and consequences.