Global Studies

Students will complete their study of the Global History content during their sophomore year, with a focus on the themes of power, change, and conflict. In this course, students will explore major turning points in the shaping of the modern world, and strengthen their analytical and writing skills in preparation to be Global thinkers to assist in shaping and changing our world around us and success in future social studies courses. Students will be expected to make global connections between and among ancient and modern civilizations, and they will continue to develop their own sense o identity through the examination of world-wide cultures. The 10th grade curriculum gives students opportunities to consider the powers they can exercise as individuals, important decisions human beings face throughout time, and how their choices can affect not only themselves, but also their local, national, and global communities. Students will read and analyze complex texts, make connections between various texts, cite texts to defend their opinions, and write both document-based and thematic essays.