Inwood Early College For Health and Information Technologies integrates a college ready curriculum, career track classes, and actual college classes into the students' schedules.  Students have options at IEC.  They can leave IEC in 6 years with an associates degree and a high school diploma.  They may opt to graduate in 4 years with a high school diploma, 16 college credits and apply to a four year college.  Lastly, they may wish to use one of the certifications and skills they learned to start their career in technology information systems.  Through our advisory program and student support services students reflect on their choices and actions so they can make the best decision.  


College Readiness Currciulum


The school follows the benchmarks and guideliness provided by the New York City Department of Education.  Using state data, transcripts and IEC's own assessments students are placed into approriate classes. 


Core Curriculum


9th Grade Courses:


Algebra/Extended Algebra Year 1/Geometry




10th Grade Courses:

English/College English Course at Guttman

Extended Algebra Year 2/ Geometry/Discrete Mathematics


Living Environment/ Anatomy Physiology

Global History (double periods)


Habits of Mind


Content is not the only focus of the curriculum here at IEC we want to ensure once our students get to college or start their careers they are prepared not only academically but emotionally as well.  The Habits of Mind are 16 problem solving, life related skills.  At IEC these skills are listed and can be seen in the classroom as well as part of the curriculum in every class.  Additionally, the student support team comes up with advisory lessons and school-wide activities to ensure that our students learn these skills.  


Career Track Education


Career Track Education (CTE) ensures that students learn the skills for the 21 century work place so that if college is not an appropriate option for them at age 18 they can begin their career.  We are fortunate to have technology teachers with over 20 years experience in both the classroom and their perspective fields.  Students take courses in programming and networking so that they are prepared to take certification courses and be part of any technology support team.