The Mission of Inwood Early College (IEC) is to prepare young people for collegiate, professional, personal and social success. Immersed in seamlessly integrated high school, college, and workplace learning experiences, our students graduate as well- rounded young professionals with advanced educational and career achievements in information technology and the biological sciences, prepared to further transform themselves, their communities, and the world.

Through a comprehensive project based curriculum and developmentally supportive instructional program, we become SMART(er) everyday:

SPARK our critical thinking, systematic questioning, and creative problem solving skill development;

MOTIVATE our sense of enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for learning and achievement;

ACHIEVE our collective advancement as users and creators of knowledge, information, and technology;

REFINE our vision of our best selves and best work by reflecting on our mistakes and successes; and

TRANSFORM our minds and our lives by supporting one another, serving others, and rising to challenges.


To learn more about our team, our partners, and our families, please click the images below: